Falling Apartment

“This was originally recorded in a very scarey building on the edge of a very scarey housing estate in a very scarey part of Tottenham There was an extremely heavy atmosphere that night, a palpable darkness, something sinister in the air, I was strongly aware of it. My skin was crawling in that place, the outside was covered in graffiti and security grilles and the studio was crammed into a tiny room upstairs. The rest of the house was full of junk and it was filthy, as if no one had lived there for a long time. But it wasn’t just the state of the place, there was definitely an atmosphere in there and I remembered thinking that something bad must have happened there.

At one point I drove back down to Brick Lane and I felt the same vibe right across town. I think that shows in the music, it feels oppressive. A couple of days later I realised we had been recording on All Hallows Eve. Traditionally, people believed that it was the night at which the membrane between our world and the spirit world was at it’s thinnest, a time when dark spirits can enter our world so it struck me that we had picked up on that feeling, even though we hadn’t realised at the time.

I added the lyrics much later when I did the drawings and I was looking for a piece of music to fit and it seemed the obvious choice. It’s quite simple, a woman finally reaches the conclusion that the love has completely gone from her relationship and makes a break for it. It’s only when she is moments from death, having been in a car crash, that she realises that she still feels some love for the guy which I believe is almost always the way. We tend to always feel some tiny amount of love for everyone we have ever loved and even though we may deny it ourselves there is always something there right until the end and I expressed that in a manner that was quite stark”.