1 : Issue 2 : P 05


“This came out of the same recording session as Falling Apartment so it’s tinged with the same atmosphere of dread, which is appropriate given the subject matter. Elliott Randall came in to do some ‘special effects’ which were also very appropriate.

It was originally titled ‘Serotonin’ and it wasn’t until I returned to the artworks to to do the final book and video that I realised it was straight out of the back story of Natasha. Natasha is going to be a major character in the Subway Slim series, she arrives in the third book, The Memory War, where all the mistakes of the past come home to roost. So this is the first glimpse of her. It’s what she is getting up to, or down to, while Slim is wandering around London staring at stuff. Natasha is… well,  she’s the ticking bomb in everybody’s lives,  she’s an event just waiting to happen”.

1 : Issue 2 : P 04