Issue 2: Convergence Part Two


24 page Tabloid newspaper signed by Finlay Cowan.
First part of the Convergence graphic novel.
Includes exclusive interviews about the art and music.
Watch the videos HERE and read the book free online HERE

Subway Slim wanders the streets of London observing the lives of countless disintegrating twenty-somethings. He sees the same story being told over and over by people unknown to each other, but linked by the parallel lines of their lives. Even the city itself is a harsh and unforgiving mistress who takes all and gives nothing in return.
Convergence, crossing paths, connecting, disconnecting and connecting again.
All these people in all these cities… every one with a story to tell…

A series of transrealist graphic novels by renowned designer Finlay Cowan.

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Pages: 24
Content: Black and White, Duotone Covers, Duotone centrespread.
Print: Tabloid (289mm x 380mm, 55gsm newsprint)
Posted folded in a cellophane wrapper within a heavy duty card envelope.

See the full bundle product video HERE and read the book free online HERE


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