This was the oldest part of London, layer upon layer of roads and streets… and stories, a labyrinth of tangled alleys and passageways dominated by the lumbering brick built archways of the train tracks that loomed overhead. For centuries this area had served and fed off the river, the network hub of Empire, and every brick and cobble seemed somehow to resonate with the clamour of centuries of trade. The river had spewed every imaginable object and race from the furthest reaches of the globe into this dark and cramped quarter leaving it ringing forever with its diverse imprint: the exotic and the perverse, the sublime and the damned.

Down there, behind a high wall stands the Old Coffee House, a forgotten place where all the moments of it’s history are frozen in time. It is waiting for it’s past to be seen… the fate of the universe depends on it, and only one person has the eyes to see it… Subway Slim. Slim may have forgotten his past, but there are others who cannot escape it… and now they must find the only place where they can change it. Natasha has given up on being human. She has attempted to kill herself… and failed… now she has lost all faith in the only thing worth living for. Nikolai is near destitute and wanders the streets of London. He blames himself for having destroyed ‘the only true family he ever had’ but he has not given up hope.

Behind them lies tragedy, before them lies history… between them there is no comedy. But there will be no more forgotten mistakes until The Memory War is over.